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How to Find a Meeting

How to Find a Meeting

The road to sobriety is different for every person. For many, the connection to meetings and a 12 step program was part of the process. For others, that may not be true. If you have never been to a meeting, and you’re interested in taking that step, we've gathered some tips for how to find a meeting near you.

Start At The Source

The first place to look is at the source. If you want to find a meeting for alcoholics, the obvious place to visit is Alcoholics Anonymous. The AA website has resources to every state. They also often list additional resources for different counties, regions, and cities. The AA hotline offers 24/7 service and is also an excellent resource. You can also connect with local AA clubs, which generally list meeting locations and times. The same is true for Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, and Heroin Anonymous.

Check Treatment Centers

Local treatment centers sometimes have meetings that are open to the public. Many people in recovery start working the steps and attending meetings as part of the rehab process. Even if they don't host public meetings, addiction treatment centers are familiar with local resources, so they can probably help you find a meeting in the vicinity.

Local Churches

Whether you are religious or not, many local churches host meetings, especially AA meetings. These groups meet at different times and days of the week. There is no religious requirement for AA (or most 12 step programs), and churches offer their facilities as a service to the community. Email or call churches near you and see if they offer any meeting times. Like treatment centers, even if they don’t host a meeting, they are often knowledgeable about local resources.

There are many ways to find a meeting in your local area, especially if it’s one of the bigger groups, like Alcoholics Anonymous. A little diligent research should yield the desired result. While a 12 step program may not be for everyone, it’s always been a good choice for people to get sober and stay sober.

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