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German Sobriety Coin up to 60yrs

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These will come with the year engraved onto the coin.
Celebrate their recovery journey with this exceptional German Language Alcoholics Anonymous coin. Unlike other yearly AA coins, this Recovery medallion stands out with its German inscription, offering a truly distinctive touch. Choose from years 1 to 60. Measuring 40mm in size, this heavy metal medallion is larger and more substantial than others available. Each coin comes in its own coin capsule and gift box, making it an ideal sobriety gift. The back features the Serenity Prayer beautifully rendered in German.

Take pride in recovery and celebrate it with this extraordinary German Language Alcoholics Anonymous coin. Embrace its exceptional design, personalized engraving, and thoughtful features that set it apart from the rest.

  • Coin Capsule and Gift Box: Each medallion comes in its own coin capsule, ensuring its protection, and is presented in an elegant gift box, perfect for gifting.
  • Unique German Language AA Coin: Stand out with this AA medallion written entirely in German, setting it apart from other coins in the marketplace.
  • Size and Weight: This 40mm coin is made of heavy metal, providing a substantial and durable piece to celebrate recovery.
  • Inspiring Serenity Prayer: The back of the coin features the Serenity Prayer, beautifully translated into German.