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Sobriety Tee Shirts: Wear Your Recovery Boldly

Sobriety Tee Shirts: Wear Your Recovery Boldly

Did you know we offer more than 50 different sobriety tee shirts and other clothing and jewelry items to help you wear your recovery boldly? There are plenty of options to inspire someone, represent your program, or even make yourself and others laugh. Whatever your reasons, you will be cool and comfy in a sobriety tee from My Recovery Store.

Make Them Laugh

Many of our sobriety tees are meant to inspire laughter with just a touch of self-deprecation. For example, our “Sometimes I 13th Step Myself” is sure to make anyone familiar with the 12 steps chuckle. Another favorite is our “If Found Call My Sponsor” tee. You'll find plenty of laughs on our site!

Carry the Message Forward

Whether in AA or NA, or even HA, we have a tee that represents your program. Let others know what that you have managed to attain sobriety and perhaps inspire someone else to do the same. You never know who might be struggling and will be encouraged by seeing someone else broadcast sober living. It’s a unique way to “carry the message forward”

Custom Sobriety Tee Shirts

Check out our inventory of recovery clothing and other items. We even have a custom shirt option, so if you have a great idea that you need on a sobriety tee, let us know!

Do you own, operate or manage an Alano Club, Intergroup Office or Retail Store?  Ask us about our wholesale pricing.

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