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Earning the One Year AA Chip

For many going through the Alcoholics Anonymous program, earning the one year AA chip can seem like a daunting (if not impossible) task. Achieving this significant milestone is something to look forward to and be rewarded for earning. My Recovery Store is proud to offer a collection of unique one year AA chips and coins to help commemorate this occasion.

Still One Day At A Time

Whether you are on Day 1 or year 40, the program is still very much focused on “one day at a time.” Accomplishing your first-year milestone is an incredible accomplishment, but sobriety is a journey where each day is another step on the path. If you are about to receive your one year AA chip, take some time to reflect on the progress you have made since day one. It’s good to look back and see how far you’ve have come, but it’s just a quick glance. Today is still the most important day.

Celebrate And Savor The Day

Reaching one year is a huge recovery milestone and should be celebrated! Make plans that support and affirm your new sober life. Maybe now is the time to finally try a new activity you have always wanted to try, or reconnect with family and friends. Whatever your celebration looks like, know that you have earned it. Now that you have made your first sober trip around the sun, that yearly AA coin is a symbol of your commitment to your recovery and a tool to help you carry the message forward to others.

Our One Year AA Chip Products

My Recovery Store offers a variety of chips and coins to help commemorate the first year (or any year) of sobriety. These AA chips also make meaningful gifts for loved ones and friends, and several of our products are available for custom engraving for an added touch. Here is a list of some of our favorite yearly chips:

  • Bronze Yearly AA Chip / Medallion
  • Privately Minted Yearly AA Chip / Medallion
  • Blue Triplate Yearly AA Chip / Medallion
  • USA Yearly AA Chip / Medallion
  • Pink Poker Yearly AA Chip / Medallion
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