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Cowboy Style Rectangular up to 50yrs

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A completely different kind of AA and Recovery chip. This sobriety chip makes a great recovery gift for anyone celebrating an anniversary or AA Birthday in Alcoholics Anonymous or even Narcotics Anonymous. It's designed differently than other AA sobriety chips. This chip is unique in its appearance. Give them sober gifts they'll remember. No more boring recovery chips!

  • These are done in silver and blue with a big star and helmet on the front. These are perfect sobriety gifts for Dallas Cowboy fans or football fans in recovery. Years 1-50 are available.
  • Not like your conventional Recovery AA Chips or Medallions. These are rectangular shaped. They measure 2 inches by 3 inches. About the size of a credit card but harder and thicker.
  • Fast Shipping. I will get these AA chips out today if the order is in by 2PM EST.
  • A unique sobriety chip to celebrate being clean and sober. Fits in a wallet or can be nicely displayed on a stand. On the back are both the Third Step and Seventh step prayers.
  • These sobriety gifts are made of a hard ceramic material and are about the size of a credit card. They measure 2x3 inches and are about as thick as a US quarter.