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What to Expect from Rehab

What to Expect from Rehab

If you are contemplating rehab for yourself or a loved one, you might be wondering what to expect. The rehab process can vary quite a bit from facility to facility, but some experiences are universal for most centers. We’ve got you covered for demystifying what to expect from rehab.


Depending on the rehab facility, you may or may not go through detox. A common method these days is to attend a medical detox first and then go to rehab. However, there are still plenty of rehab centers that offer a period of detoxification. Whether at a medical center or a rehab facility, detox is always the first phase of the process.

Room & Board

This is where things diverge. What to expect from rehab regarding living arrangements will be very different, and honestly, is tied to the price tag. If using insurance, the living quarters will be reasonable, but they won’t be luxurious and having a roommate (maybe more than one) is likely. If the facility is a more costly private rehab center, the accommodations will be more luxurious and private. That being said, rehab is not a jail - you will always be free to leave. In fact, if you are not planning to commit to sobriety, a stint in rehab is a waste of time and money for everyone.

Individual and Group Therapy

No matter what rehab facility you decide on, group and individual therapy will be a large part of the recovery process. This is the lifeblood of a rehab program and where the “rubber meets the road” on the journey of sobriety. Therapy is where the essential tools to gettings sober and staying sober are learned, and you begin to build a community of people who are also committed to sobriety.

Post-Rehab Aftercare

Every rehab has a different time frame for recovery (typically from 30-90 days), but nearly every facility has a plan for post-rehab aftercare. Aftercare usually includes setting up continuing individual therapy and connecting with a 12 step program. Aftercare support is something you should expect from rehab; at least from a good quality facility. This phase doesn’t last forever but is a decent transition back into the regular flow of life.

Fear of the unknown is often the largest source of anxiety. We hope this post helps you prepare for what to expect from a rehab program. As always, we strive to be a support for your recovery, as well as the offer some of the most unique recovery products on the web.

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