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Sober Travel Tips

Sober Travel Tips

You might be experiencing a case of “poor me” when you begin making your travel and vacation plans now that you’re sober. It’s true that alcohol features prominently during vacations and at many travel destinations, but it’s also true that there is a whole world of opportunities you might have been missing.  Because My Recovery Store wants to see you succeed in all aspects of your recovery, we have put together a list of helpful sober travel tips.

Research Your Hotel & Accommodations

Check the advertising and websites of hotels and destinations you are considering. If alcohol features prominently in the advertising, it’s probably a focal point of the destination. Maybe you want a completely sober vacation; if so, check out Sober Vacations International. Finally, if you know the hotel room will be stocked with alcohol, call ahead and have it removed. By planning a few steps ahead, you can minimize the impact and stay focused.

Try New Activities

If hanging out at the local bar used to be your main vacation activity, you are going to have to branch out and try new things. Staying busy is the key to success. Why are you planning a visit to that destination? Does it have amazing museums? Can you scuba dive? Is it known for beautiful hikes? Plan an itinerary that is full of new activities that will keep you happily engaged.

Look for Meetings

One of the best sober travel tips we can offer is to plan to attend meetings while on vacation. Need help finding one? You can find a list of meeting locations all around the world here. Some hotels and cruises have scheduled meetings. You might see them listed on the itinerary at “Friends of Bill W. Meeting.” If nothing else, a meeting will help you refocus, not feel so alone, and remind you of why you are walking this path.

Remember to H.A.L.T.

Although vacations are meant to be relaxing, they can sometimes be stressful. Don’t forget about H.A.L.T. Don’t let yourself get too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired. Plan your trip to avoid these common triggers and pitfalls. Yes, we just said to stay busy and try new activities, but also plan rest times, regular meals, and activities with people that you enjoy.

Stay in Contact with Your Support Network

Have your sponsor or other trusted friend on speed dial. If you are taking a trip with someone in your support network, let them know when you are starting to feel overwhelmed. Call your sponsor if you need to talk through some tough feelings. And again, find a meeting if you need one. The AA community is available all over the world.

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