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NA Chips In Our Signature Poker Style

Narcotics Anonymous was founded in 1953 and has been helping addicts through the recovery journey every since. My Recovery Store is proud to offer several NA products, including our signature NA chips. We’ll think you’ll love the bright colors and poker-style design. Also, these chips make wonderful gifts to commemorate a milestone and embrace being […]

Introducing Our Pinstripe Yankee AA Chip

My Recovery Store proudly debuts our newest privately minted coin – the Pinstripe Yankee AA Chip. This custom design is unlike anything else on the market. This high-quality coin makes a beautiful gift for anyone celebrating a yearly sobriety milestone. Surprise the baseball lover in your life with this one-of-a-kind memento. Clever Design Elements Our […]

Two Unique Monthly AA Chip Options

My Recovery Store offers a variety of unique chips and tokens to commemorate sobriety milestones. Two of our most unique monthly AA chip options include our poker-style chip and our monthly dog tag. Each of these products is distinctive in design and unlike anything you will find from other stores. A Little Las Vegas Flair […]

Earning the One Year AA Chip

For many going through the Alcoholics Anonymous program, earning the one year AA chip can seem like a daunting (if not impossible) task. Achieving this significant milestone is something to look forward to and be rewarded for earning. My Recovery Store is proud to offer a collection of unique one year AA chips and coins […]

Privately Minted AA Yearly Medallion

At My Recovery Store, we pride ourselves in offering more than the standard AA yearly medallion. Our commitment is to bring you fresh alternatives, using quality materials. Every recovery story is different, and you deserve an AA coin that reflects your journey. Let us introduce you to our privately minted medallion. A Throwback Classic The […]

AA Chips and the AA Logo Usage

Some talk on AA Chips AA Chips or AA Medallions are small round tokens that are given to members of Alcoholics Anonymous.   Narcotics Anonymous and other sobriety groups also present their members with medallions and keytags. These tokens mark achievements in sobriety and recovery. Early on, many people in AA carried personal momentos to remind themselves of the significance of their sobriety. […]

How Self-Searching and Numbers Up Led Me to a 9th Step Amends

I remember working up to my 9th Step and how the first several names were just automatic. It was clear that a 9th Step amends was owed. They were made up up people from the last 20 years of my life.  I was almost 46 when I wrote it. The list comprised girlfriends, business associates, close friends of the time […]

13 Stepping

What is 13 Stepping?  Simply put, when a person with some time and experience in a 12 Step Program hits on and engages in a relationship with a newcomer.  This relationship is typically sexual in nature.  The behavior can often have disastrous results. When things turn sour the newcomer might use this as justification to leave the program. This can lead to a relapse back to […]