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NA Chips In Our Signature Poker Style

NA chips poker style

Narcotics Anonymous was founded in 1953 and has been helping addicts through the recovery journey every since. My Recovery Store is proud to offer several NA products, including our signature NA chips. We’ll think you’ll love the bright colors and poker-style design. Also, these chips make wonderful gifts to commemorate a milestone and embrace being "clean and serene!"

Casino Quality

As a Las Vegas-based company, we designed our NA chips to resemble real poker chips and each one is crafted to casino quality standards. The bold colors contrast nicely with the large, classic NA logo on the front and the back design features the milestone designation with large, easy-to-read Arabic numbers and the NA motto of “Clean and Serene.” For an added design touch, we have printed the monthly milestone along the edge, giving it the look of a real poker chip.

Commemorate Your Milestone

Our chips cover some of the biggest milestones on the NA recovery journey. All of our signature poker-style chips are 40 mm in size and weigh 10 grams. Currently, we have NA chips available for 30 days (orange), 60 days (dark green), 90 days (brown), 6 months (blue), and 9 months (spring green). Don’t have what you’re looking for? Send us a message! We love to hear from you.

Shop For Other NA Chips and Products

Finally, if you want something a little more unique than the NA chip, we offer several other NA products in our store, such as the NA keychain. We also have chips for other areas of focus, such as certain steps or prayers. Some of our best-sellers and favorites include:

  • Third Step Prayer Chip
  • NA Keychain
  • “One Day At A Time” Key Tag Charm
  • NA 30 Day Keychain (also available in 60 & 90 days, as well as 6 & 9 months)
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