Getting the 1 Year AA Chip

The 1 Year AA Chip

The 1 year AA chip signifies the first full rotation around the sun with continuous sobriety.  It was a milestone I sometimes considered unreachable.

The God thing.
What the Newcomer often hears.

It was something that seemed so far off as I sat collecting monthly AA chips.      Many times I would sit in a meeting and see others collect AA milestones of a year or more.  I’d wonder how such long periods were possible.

I remember closing in on receiving my 1 year AA chip.  I heard others share how they had relapsed a short time before this AA milestone.  Others right afterward.  How could anyone pick up right before getting their 1 year AA birthday, I asked. A topic for a different article I suppose.

Getting There

When I finally received my 1 year AA chip, I felt like I had a little more “credibility” in AA.  The bronze yearly medallion that I carried made me feel like part of a new club.

AA 1 year chip

My sobriety would now be measured in years rather than months.  This was important to me.  I had made some big amends by that time.   I continued with personal inventory as well as trying to improve my relationship with my Higher Power.  These practices continue today.

The Goal Now

With a few more AA milestones behind me, the goal now is to carry the message.  AA’s message is that “AA works”.  It’s my duty to be proof of that.  Though showing someone my 1 year AA chip says that I have sobriety, I must be able to carry the message in other ways as well.  Sometimes the best message we can carry is how we behave in and out of the rooms.

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