A New AA Chip Hits The Market

At My Recovery Store, we like to pride ourselves on offering not just the standard AA chips but also fresh alternatives.  We created this chip as a direct alternative to the standard AA yearly medallion.
Introducing our privately minted AA Yearly Medallion.

Yearly AA Medallion
AA Chip for 55 years with Arabic numbering.

We designed this coin to be a fresh alternative to the more common chips seen in the rooms.  It was made to be bigger, heavier, and easier to read.  Each of our Private Stock Medallions come encased in its own coin capsule. This makes for a great presentation and gift for any milestone.

We designed this AA chip so that it would be a fresh and unique look.  The recipient will always remember who gave them this chip.  It won’t be one to be thrown in the pile with the others.  It will stand out and be remembered. Here are some of the main features.




  • 40mm in size rather than the typical 34mm AA chip
  • 2mm thick, about 1.5 to 2x the typical AA sobriety token
  • Each comes packed in a coin capsule designed specifically for the bigger size
  • An Arabic styled number rather than Roman.  This allows for a more prominent display of the yearly milestone.  It’s easily readable by anyone, no matter length of sobriety.  No more squinting to figure out the number.
  • First line of How It Works on the outside rim
  • Throwback AA logo/font with the 3 legacies
  • Years 1-60 are offered as well as blanks for custom engraving by us
Wendell's AA coin
MRS chip vs Wendell chip

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